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Dej Shoes Slim Fringe Loafer - Black OKWKOCN OKWKOCN
This is a very unique leather made original shoe, made of pure leather. This goes very well with Cor..
KennBanks 24/7 Velvet Churchill Chained Pattern Black JREMMHK JREMMHK
KennBanks 24/7 shoes afford you a full display of your unique sense of style as you revel in an upda..
David Wej Casual Penny Loafers - Coffee + 1 Free Pair of Socks ODLGPBV ODLGPBV
Tell your stories with shoes that offer a full display of luxury, personality and style. This David ..
Fashion Men's Loafers Shoe - Blue PKHSGOQ PKHSGOQ
This shoe is classy and fashionable and easy to wear. It makes you stand out in the crowd, It can be..
Depally Goat Fur Patent Shoe OHCJXRN OHCJXRN
Another classic from Depally. A goat skin-Patent combination. It is well made with a unique tassel t..
Drake Suede Strap Loafers - Black PGJAMXG PGJAMXG
Drake Outfits is a unique brand that gets you inspired. Our attention to details and quality of our ..
Fashion Men's Suede Loafers - Blue HNCNDWN HNCNDWN
Select from a wide range of Unique products on Jumia and enjoy convenient and secure online shopping..
Tommy Hilfiger Men's Suede Loafers - Brown GVOCLZD GVOCLZD
Whether formally dressed or in casuals, style should never be compromised. Jumia has a wide range of..
Hem&Omakie plain-cut Churchill is another classy design of the churchill category, made with velvet ..
KennBanks 24/7 Men's Wetlook Chain Detail Churchill Loafers - Black OHUDKAQ OHUDKAQ
KennBanks 24/7 shoes afford you a full display of your unique sense of style as you revel in an upda..
Depally Leather Loafers With Chain On Top - Black LVPJXAL LVPJXAL
Depally as a brand is always known for production of masterclass shoes, so no one should be surprise..
Fashion Plain Formal Loafers -Brown MUFWEQV MUFWEQV
A very comfortable formal plain loafers shoe with a front line curve design to give it a unique look..
Setro Lake Loafers - Blue RXSCDAO RXSCDAO
Blue Lake is a well finished loafer made from a very cool shade of blue suede leather with side open..
David Wej Suede Casual Loafers - Green + 1 Free Pair of Socks HUDJNRL HUDJNRL
Strut confidently with shoes that afford you a full display of personality and style as you revel in..
Franco Vanucci Men's Leather Loafers - Tan VUIZYAQ VUIZYAQ
Franco Vanucci is the name to look for the big boys. The man of fashion and taste. You will never go..

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